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Locations for Car Hire in Djibouti

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Djibouti. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Djibouti.

About Djibouti

Djibouti is a country found in East Africa, and is bordered by Eritrea, Ethiopia and Somalia, and has a coastline overlooking the Gulf of Aden. Much of the country is wasteland, with coastal areas and those around the fertile volcanic land being the most populous. Owing to its close proximity to the Equator, temperatures remain high throughout the year, with the summer breeze providing some welcome respite and occasional rain from October to April.

Djibouti’s Lake Abhe is famous for its lunar-like appearance and its use in Planet of the Apes, while Lake Assal is the lowest point in Africa and the saltiest lake outside Antarctica. Djibouti’s coastline is perfect for scuba diving and snorkelling in the reefs if you are a waterbaby.