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Locations for Car Hire in El Salvador

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in El Salvador. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in El Salvador.

About El Salvador

El Salvador is found on the Pacific coast of Central America, and sits between Guatemala and Honduras. It is the smallest country in Central America, but despite its small size, it still manages to squeeze in 25 volcanoes and 14 lakes, making this an area of exceptional geological interest. The capital, San Salvador, is filled with traditional architecture and interesting museums and restaurants, so is a real cultural hub if you’re looking for a break from exploring the natural environment.

However, El Salvador’s countryside is its real selling point, with stunning volcanoes, mountains and national parks, and eco-tourism is extremely popular in rural areas. Bosque El Imposible is especially attractive to tourists, as it is home to the gorgeous Montecristo Cloud Forest and a quaint fishing village. El Salvador is a popular destination for people travelling throughout Central and South America, and its small size makes it easy to explore in a limited time frame.