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Locations for Car Hire in Finland

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Finland. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Finland.

Espoo Hameenlinna
Hameenlinna - Railway Station Hämeenlinna - Railway Station
Hamina Helsinki - Airport
Helsinki - Downtown Helsinki - Eira
Helsinki - Harbor - South Helsinki - Herttoniemi
Helsinki - Hilton Kalastajatorppa Helsinki - Hilton Strand Hotel
Helsinki - Itäväylä Helsinki - Kallio
Helsinki - Pihlajamäki Helsinki - Railway Station
Helsinki - Viikki Helsinki Autokeskus
Helsinki -west Hyvinkää
Hyvinkaa Railwaystation Iisalmi
Imatra Ivalo - Airport
Järvenpää Joensuu
Joensuu - Airport Jyväskylä
Jyväskylä - Airport Jyvaskyla - Palokangas
Jyvaskyla - Railway Station Kaarina
Kajaani Kajaani - Airport
Kemi Kemi - Airport
Kerava Kittilä - Airport
Kokkola Kokkola Kruunupyy - Airport
Kotka Kouvola
Kouvola - Railway Station Kuopio
Kuopio - Airport Kuusamo
Kuusamo - Airport Lahti
Lahti - Railway Station Lappeenranta
Lappeenranta - Airport Lappeenranta - Railway Station
Loviisa Mariehamn
Mariehamn - Airport Mikkeli
Mikkeli - Airport Muonio
Nokia Nurmijärvi
Oulu Oulu - Airport
Oulu - East Oulu - Railway Station
Oulu - Ratakatu Paimio
Pello Pieksamäki
Pietarsaari Pori
Pori - Airport Porvoo
Raisio Rauma
Riihimäki Rovaniemi
Rovaniemi - Airport Rovaniemi - Railway Station
Salo Savonlinna - Airport
Savonlinna - Hotel P. Kylliäinen Seinajoki
Seinajoki - Airport Seinajoki - Railway Station
Sodankylä Tammisaari
Tampere Tampere - Lielahti
Tampere - West Tampere Pirkkala - Airport
Tornio Turku
Turku - Airport Turku - Airport - Terminal 1
Turku - Airport -terminal 2 Turku - Best Western Seaport
Turku - Downtown Turku - Harbour
Turku - Harbour - Silja Turku - Harbour Viking
Turku - Railway Station Vaasa
Vaasa - Airport Vainikkala
Vainikkala - Railway Station Vantaa
Varkaus Varkaus - Airport

About Finland

Finland is one of the Nordic countries found in northern Europe, and borders Norway, Sweden and Russia. It is an incredibly cosmopolitan country with an attractive blend of modern cities and villages and sprawling natural space. It is a country of water, with around 10% of the country being lakes, and the capital Helsinki is set over lots of tiny islands.

Northern Finland is comfortably inside the Arctic Circle, and Lapland is a popular tourist destination as it has long been branded as the home of Christmas, with thousands of holidaymakers heading to the area each year to participate in snow activities, meet Father Christmas and catch a glimpse of the Northern Lights. Finland is known for its eclectic design products and Russian-influenced architecture, along with its famous sauna culture. Finland is the perfect destination for anyone with a love of open nature or clean, vibrant city living.