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Locations for Car Hire in Japan

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Japan. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Japan.

Abashiri - Rail Station Akita - Airport
Aomori Aomori - Airport
Aomori - Rail Station Asahikawa - Airport
Chiba Chiba - Chiba Soga Rail Station
Chiyoda - Ku Fochu - Downtown
Fujieda - Downtown Fukuoka
Fukuoka - Airport Fukuyama
Funabashi Gifu
Hachinohe Hachioji - Rail Station
Hakodate - Airport Hamamatsu - Downtown
Hamamatsu - Rail Station Hanamaki - Airport
Himeji Hiroshima
Hiroshima - Airport Hiroshima - Railway Station
Ibaraki Ikebukuro / Tokyo
Izumo Airport Jiyugaoka / Tokyo
Kagoshima Kagoshima - Airport
Kamikita - Rail Station Kanagawa - Yokohama Prince Hotel
Kanazawa Katsushika - Shin Koiwa Rail Station
Kisarazu - Downtown Kitakyusyu
Kitakyusyu - Airport Kitami - Rail Station
Kobe Kobe - Airport
Kobe - Railway Station Kochi - Airport
Kochi - Railway Station Komatsu - Airport
Koutou - Shiomi Rail Station Kumamoto
Kumamoto - Airport Kushiro - Airport
Kushiro - Rail Station Kyoto
Kyoto - 44-1 Kamitonoda Matsudo - Downtown
Matsumoto Matsuyama - Airport
Matsuyama (ohtemachi) Memanbetsu - Airport
Minato - Ku Downtown Minato - Tokyo Prince Hotel
Misawa - Airport Mishima (shizuoka)
Miyazaki Miyazaki - Airport
Morioka Nagano
Nagaoka - Railway Station Nagasaki
Nagasaki - Airport Nagoya
Nagoya - Downtown Nagoya - Komaki Afb Airport
Nagoya - Nakamura Nagoya - Rail Station
Nagoya - Shikenya Nagoya - Takahata
Naha - Airport - Okinawa Naha - Okinawa
Nakashibetsu Nigata - Railway
Niigata - Airport Nikko
Obihiro - Airport Ohmura
Oita Oita - Airport
Okayama Okayama - Airport
Okinawa - Ishigakijima Okinawa - Manza Beach
Okinawa - Miyakojima Okinawa - Naha Kume
Okinawa - Naha Maejima Osaka
Osaka - Kansai Airport Osaka - Sakaikita
Osaka - Shin Osaka Railway Station Saga
Saitama Sapporo
Sapporo - Downtown Sapporo Chitose - Airport
Sapporo Railway Station Sasebo (nagasaki)
Sendai Sendai - Airport
Setagaya - Downtown Shibuya
Shinfugi - Rail Station Shizuoka
Shizuoka - Atami Suzuka
Tachikawa - Downtown Taito - Ku
Takamatsu Takamatsu - Airport
Takasaki Tokushima - Airport
Tokyo - Airport Chiba-narita Tokyo - Airport Haneda
Tokyo - Airport Haneda South Wing Tokyo - Ebisu
Tokyo - Rail Station Tokyo - Shinjuku
Tokyo - Toranomon Toshima - Ku
Tottori - Airport Toyama
Toyama - Airport Toyohashi
Toyohashi - Downtown Tsuchiura
Tsukuba Ube - Airport
Urayasu - Downtown Utsunomiya
Wakkanai - Airport Wakkanai - Rail Station
Yamagata - Airport Yamagata - Airport Shonai
Yamaguchi Yamato
Yokkaichi Yokohama
Yokohama - Nishi Rail Station Yokohama - Shi
Yokohama - Tokiwa Yokosuka

About Japan

Known to many as the land of the rising sun Japan offers a perfect mixture of ancient history and modern culture creating a real melting pot experience.

There is so much to see and discover in Japan that a holiday can easily be spent simply exploring the island and taking in all the differing heritage sites and areas of natural beauty.

Japan is famous for its gardens, in fact these immaculately presented outside spaces are often re-created around the world in promotion of a sense of peace and wellbeing.

Another place that has to be on your to visit list in Japan is Tokyo; with its dense population and thoroughly modern development and atmosphere, you will be fascinated by the sheer noise, colour and vibrancy of this large and sprawling city. Skyscrapers cover the skyline and you will be hard pressed to find a quiet spot in this wonderful city.

If you do seek some tranquility amongst the madness then there plenty of natural places to visit. Why not try to scale Mount Fuji or lose yourself in the beauty of Shiretoko National Park? Japan is full of memories just waiting for you to discover.