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Locations for Car Hire in Jordan

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Jordan. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Jordan.

About Jordan

Jordan is a country that truly needs to be experienced in order to understand its beauty and appeal. A stunning landscape with a rich history of ancient travellers meeting with modern developments as well as a dedication to creating a tourist destination that is popular the world over.

One sight that definitely should be high on the list of things to see is the Dead Sea. A natural marvel that is completely iconic. The lowest point on Earth and the meeting point for several rivers, the waters here remain still and evaporate meaning that the sea left behind is rich in salt and is the base for many of the worlds luxury beauty and medicinal products.

Whilst in Jordan it is also advisable to plan in a trip to the capital Amman, a place where ancient history is merged with a modern outlook, creating an interesting mix of old and new.

Add to this plenty of historical sites of interest such as Karak, Petra and Umm Ar-Rasas and you have a fantastic place to visit with plenty to see and do.