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Locations for Car Hire in Moldova

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Moldova. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Moldova.

About Moldova

Moldova is a choice that many may not think to have on their travel destination list. However, this European country is a great place to visit with an ethnic diversity and landscape that you might not find in other European countries.

The one main attraction of those who choose to travel to Moldova is the wine. The industry here is strong, producing wine that is critically acclaimed and enjoyed the world over.

You can not only sample some fine examples of the choices here, but you can also see how it is grown and produced with the fascinating vineyard tours.

Aside from the grapes there is plenty else to see throughout this country, sunflower fields, delicious watermelons and a whole host of friendly locals just waiting to welcome you.

As well as this you can choose to take in some of the landscape, with many of rolling hills populated by villages and farms offering the ideal family biking or hiking holiday.