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Locations for Car Hire in Norway

We have car rental agents with cars available to hire at the following locations in Norway. Select your most convenient location and check out our great rates for car hire in Norway.

Aalesund Aalesund - Airport
Aandalsnes Alta
Alta - Airport Andenes
Andenes - Airport Arendal
Askim Avaldsnes - Haugesund Park Inn Hotel
Bardufoss Bardufoss - Airport
Bardufoss - Finnsnes Batsfjord
Bergen Bergen - Airport
Bergen - Asane Bergen Nesttun
Billingstad Bjerka - Downtown
Bodo Bodo - Airport
Bronnoysund Bronnoysund - Airport
Degnepollen Drammen
Egersund Elverum - Downtown
Evenskaer Fagernes
Fagernes - Airport Finnsnes
Flekkefjord Floro
Floro - Airport Floroe - Downtown
Foerde - Downtown Forde
Forde - Airport Fredrikstad
Fredrikstad - Downtown Gjovik
Glomfjord Glomfjord - Downtown
Gol Grimstad
Grimstad - Downtown Halden
Hamar Hamaroey
Hammerfest Hammerfest - Airport
Hareid Harstad
Harstad/narvik - Airport Haugesund
Haugesund - Airport Hesseng
Hoenefoss Hokksund
Holmestrand Honningsvaag
Horten Jessheim
Karasjok Kaupanger
Kirkenes Kirkenes - Airport
Kongsberg Kongsvinger
Krageroe Kristiansand
Kristiansand Kjevik - Airport Kristiansund
Kristiansund Kvenberget - Airport Lakselv
Lakselv - Airport Larvik
Leikanger Leknes
Leknes - Airport Lillehammer
Lillehammer - City Lillestroem
Longyearbyen Lunner
Lyngdal Mo-i-rana
Mo-i-rana - Airport Molde
Molde - Airport Mongstad
Mosjoen Mosjoen - Airport
Moss Namsos
Namsos - Airport Narvik
Narvik - Airport Notodden
Oernes Oersta - Downtown
Oersta-volda - Airport Oslo - Asker Train Station
Oslo - Downtown Oslo - Drammensvn
Oslo - Dronning Maudsgt Oslo - Gardermoen Airport
Oslo - Oekern Oslo - Ryen
Oslo - Sandefjord Torp Airport Otta
Porsgrunn Rena
Roeros - Schanke Roros
Roros - Airport Rud
Rygge Rygge - Airport
Sandane Sandane - Airport
Sandefjord Sandnes - Sixt Dc
Sandnessjoen Sandnessjoen - Airport
Sarpsborg Ski
Ski - Downtown Skien - Airport
Skjetten Skogn
Sogndal - Airport Sogndal/kaupanger
Sola Airport - Stavanger Sortland
Stathelle Stavanger
Stavanger - Forus Steinkjer
Stokmarknes - Airport Stokmarknes - Downtown
Stord Stord - Airport
Stryn Sunndalsoera - Downtown
Svolvaer Svolvaer - Airport
Svolvaer - Downtown Tillerbyen
Toensberg Tonsberg
Tromso Tromso - Airport
Trondheim Trondheim - Airport
Tynset Ulefoss
Ulsteinvik Ulvsvaag - Downtown
Vadso Vadso - Airport
Valan Airport Vanse
Verdal Vinje
Volda Voss

About Norway

Norway is a country well known for its contrasting landscapes and beautiful vistas. It is a great country for those who love to hike, or for those who just like a bit of fresh air every now and then. The Dovrefjell National Park is a great example of contrasting landscapes, with gorgeous valleys filled with budding flowers, and high hiking mountains topped with snow, the National Park has a variety of unique wildlife not seen anywhere else in the world.

Hike up to the top of mount Snohetta, one of Norway’s highest mountains. Standing at 2286 metres above sea level and also considered as one of Norway’s most beautiful mountains. Stick around for a while at the peak of Snohetta, and you might catch a glimpse of some of Norway’s most majestic beasts, the musk oxen, which have grazed among the mountains of Norway since the ice age.

The Fjords of Norway are also well known, and well seasoned travellers may even be lucky enough to spot a wild tundra reindeer, as Norway is the only place where you can still see these elusive creatures in the wild.

Suited to both the experienced hiker and the casual tourist, Norway is a beautiful land partially touched by winter that will melt your heart.