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Guide & Tips for hiring a car in Bulgaria

Whatever your questions about driving in Bulgaria, we have the answers.


Q: How old do I need to be to drive in Bulgaria?


A: You must be at least 21 years old to hire a car in Bulgaria and to have held your driving licence for a minimum of a year.


Q: What documents do I need?


A: Drivers from some countries will require an International Driving Permit in addition to their usual driving licence. Check the relevant government website before your trip.


Q: What is required to secure my booking?


A: Most rental companies will need your passport and a credit card to secure your booking.




Q: What kind of car will I be driving?


A: Most European cars are manual drive. If you require an automatic, be sure to reserve it a few weeks in advance.



Q: Are there tolls to pay?


A: Yes but these are paid automatically rather than manually. By law, all cars must be fitted with an e-vignette that is registered to the vehicle. Any charges will need to be settled at the end of the rental period.


Q: Do I need to bring a child seat?


A: Children under three years old must use car seats. These can usually be hired when collecting your rental car.

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