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Everything you need to know about hiring a car in Finland

Driving is usually a stress-free experience in Finland so many visitors choose to hire a car to get about. But it pays to do your homework before you arrive. Here’s what to know about car rental in Finland.

Q: How old do you have to be to hire a car in Finland?

A: To rent a car in Finland you must be at least 20 years old and to have held your licence for a year or more. Drivers under the age of 25 may incur a young drivers’ surcharge.

Q: What driving licence will I need?

A: There is no need for an International Drivers Licence if your licence details are in the Roman alphabet. Visitors from countries that do not use the Roman alphabet will need an International Drivers Licence.

Q: What is required to secure a booking?

A: As well as an appropriate driving licence, you will also need to provide another form of ID – usually your passport - and a credit card to secure a booking. An amount will be taken from the card as a security hold for the duration of the booking.

Q: What are the rules regarding children travelling in cars?

A: All children under 135cm in height must use a car seat by law in Finland and cannot travel in the front seat. It’s usually possible to hire car seats with your rental but it’s best to make arrangements in advance.

Q: Can I return my hire car any time?

A: Returning a hire car outside scheduled office hours will usually incur a supplement. Check details with your rental company when you collect your car.

Q: Is it possible to arrange one-way car rentals?

A: It’s usually fine to book a one-way rental within Finland – again you will pay extra for this – and when travelling to another country in Europe but it’s best to check with your hire company.

Q: Can I drive my rental car into other countries from Finland?

A: It depends on the hire company. Many allow rental cars to be driven cross-border (although you will usually need to pay an extra fee for this) but some countries may be prohibited.