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What to know about driving in Iceland

Once you've collected your rental car, it's time to start exploring majestic Iceland. Here's what you should know before you set off.

Q: What side of the road should I drive on?

A: Drivers drive on the righthand side of the road in Iceland and overtake on the left.

Q: What is the speed limit in Iceland?

A:  Speed limits vary depending on the location and surface of the road but are often slower than many visitors to the country may be used to. Speed cameras are used extensively and fines issued to anyone breaking the speed limit.

Q: What is the drink-drive limit?

A: The drink-drive limit for all drivers is 0.05%.

Q: Where can I drive in Iceland?

A: Much of the country’s road network is impassable between October and May due to heavy snow so check your route is possible before setting off. It is illegal to drive off-road in Iceland in order to protect the country’s flora and fauna.

Q: Where can I park in Iceland?

A: With a few exceptions (including in central Reykjavik) parking is Iceland is generally free. But remember that it is dangerous to park or even stop at the side of the road when in more rural areas, especially in icy or foggy conditions. Only use designated parking areas or laybys.

Q: Anything else I should know?

A: Drivers must keep dipped headlights on at all times, day and night. Seatbelts are required for all passengers in a car.