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Q: What side should I drive on?


A: The country drives on the right and overtakes on the left. Trams and trains always have right of way.


Q: Who has right of way on a roundabout?


A: Traffic already on the roundabout has right of way.


Q: Are there toll roads in Italy?

A: Yes, t
oll roads are paid on exit and must usually be paid in cash. Be careful to avoid the Telepass lane which is for drivers that pay a monthly subscription fee. Use of this lane without subscription could result in a fine. Watch out too for areas marked with a ZTL sign or one marked Area Pedonale. These are limited traffic or pedestrian zones and require a special permit.



Q: What is the speed limit in Italy?


A: The speed limit in urban areas is 50km/h. Elsewhere it is 90 – 100km/h and on motorways it is 130km/h. Note that it is illegal to use a sat nav (or any other device) to be alerted about speed cameras.


Q: What is the drink-drive limit in Italy?


A: The drink-drive limit in Italy is 0.05% making it safest not to drink at all if driving.


Q: When should I use headlights?

A: Use headlights at night, of course, but also remember to turn headlights to dipped outside urban areas - even on sunny days - and on dual carriageways.