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Guide & Tips for driving in Mauritius | Penguin Car Hire.

Q: What side should I drive on?

A: Cars drive on the lefthand side and give way to the right.


Q: What language is used on road signs?


A: Road signs are in English.


Q: What are the main roads on Mauritius?


A: There are three motorways on this small island – the M1, which runs from capital city Port Louis in the northwest to the international airport 48km southeast; the M2 from Port Louis to Grand-Baie in the north and the M3 from Terre Rouge in the northeast to central Moka.



Q: What are the speed limits on Mauritius?


A: There is a speed limit of 40km/h in urban areas and 110km/h on motorways and drivers should be aware that there are speed cameras all over the island.


Q: What is the drink-drive limit?


A: The blood alcohol limit is set at 50mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood – which amounts to around one small drink.


Q: Can I use my mobile phone while driving?


A: No, it is illegal.


Q: Is it easy to get fuel?


A. Unleaded and diesel fuel is widely available at petrol stations. There is no need to get out of your car to fill up – an attendant will help you. Most stations other than those on motorways close at 7pm.