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Guide & Tips to driving in Spain | Penguin Car Hire

Q: What side of the road should I drive on?

A: Cars drive on the right and give way to the right.

Q: What kind of car will I be driving?

A: Most cars in Spain are manual drive although a number of automatics are usually available for hire too.

Q:  Who has right of way?

A: Cyclists and traffic already on a roundabout has priority.

Q: What is the speed limit in Spain?

A: On dual carriageways and motorways it's 120km/h, in urban areas it's 50km/h.

Q: Can I use my phone while driving?

A: The use of a mobile phone while driving is illegal and so is the use of an earpiece. Only completely hands-free units are legal while driving.

Q: What is the drink-drive limit in Spain?

A: It is safest not to drink at all when driving in Spain. The blood alcohol limit is 0.05mg/ml.

Q: Are there toll roads in Spain?

A: There are a number of toll roads in Spain payable at booths on entry or exit. Most toll booths accept card payments as well as cash.

Q: Anything else I should know?


A: It is illegal to use sat navs to detect fixed speed cameras in Spain so make sure to turn the option off. Be sure to use the indicators when turning or changing lane. Police will take action against those that don’t.