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What To Know About Driving in Croatia.

A car is one of the best ways to see all the sights of this stunning Balkan country. But what do you need to know about driving here? Read on for our tips.


Q: What side of the road should I drive on?


A: Cars drive on the right in Croatia and overtake on the left.


Q: What paperwork do I need?


A: Drivers must carry a valid driving licence and insurance documents when driving, as well as a passport for identification.


Q: Who has right of way on roundabouts?


A: Cars entering a roundabout have right of way – and you need to give way to them if you are already on the roundabout.



Q: What are the speed limits on Croatian roads?


A: The speed limit in built-up areas is 50km/h, on open roads 80km/h and on motorways 130km/h.


Q: What is the drink-drive limit?


A: Croatia operates a zero tolerance policy for drink driving for those aged 25 and under. The permitted blood alcohol limit for drivers older than 25 is 0.5 per cent.


Q: How easy is it to drive in Croatia?


A: The road network in Croatia is, for the main, modern and well connected. There are eight motorways including those that link Zagreb to Split and Ploce (A1), Maceli in Slovenia (A2), Rijeka (A6) and Pula to Kastel in Slovenia (A8).


Q: What is the best place to drive?


A:The Adriatic Highway, which runs along the eastern coast of the Adriatic sea through Croatia, Bosnia and into Montenegro, is considered to be one of the most scenic roads in the world – comparable to California’s Pacific Coast Highway.


Q: Will I need to pay tolls?


A: There are a number of toll roads in Croatia. Fees can be paid in cash or by credit card at the toll booths. Hire a GPS to take routes that avoid toll roads.


Q: Where can I park?


A: You can park anywhere you see white lines and a large letter P on the kerb. Parking fees can be paid by cash, card or in many places, by SMS from your phone.


Q: Can I take my car across to Croatia's islands?


A: In theory, yes. You will need a car ticket when using a ferry to cross over to Croatia’s famous islands but be aware that the ticket does not guarantee you will be able to board. Entry is granted on a first come, first served basis so plan to arrive early in peak season.


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