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Guide & Tips to driving in Cyprus | Penguin Car Hire

Q: How easy is it to drive in Cyprus?


A: Although it’s one of the biggest islands in the Mediterranean, Cyprus is fairly compact and it’s possible to cover most of it in a day. The country is connected by a modern motorway network.


Q: What side of the road should I drive on?


A: Drive on the left and overtake on the right.


Q. What licence will I need?


A: If visiting from outside the EU you will need an International Drivers Permit.


Q: What language is used on roads in Cyprus?


A: Road signs are given in both English and Greek.



Q: Can children travel in the front seat?


A: Children under five are not permitted to travel in the front passenger seat and must travel in the back. Child seats are required up to the age of 12 or a height of 150cm.


Q: What is the drink-drive limit in Cyprus?


A: The drink-drive limit is 0.05%.


Q: What are the speed limits on roads in Cyprus?


A: Speed limits vary but are generally 50-65kmh in urban areas, 80km/h on open roads and 100km/h on motorways.


Q: Where can I park?


A: While there are official car parks in Cyprus, on-street parking tends to be fairly informal. As long as you don't obstruct an entrance or exit or block in another car, you can usually park wherever you find a space.


Q: Anything else I should watch out for?


A: Be aware that eating or drinking while driving – even just a bottle of water - is prohibited. Smoking in a vehicle which is carrying a passenger under the age of 16 is also forbidden. It’s forbidden to use a car horn between 10pm and 6am. Headlights must be switched on between half an hour before sunset and half an hour before sunrise.